Greetings from the Orient

Greetings from the Oriënt

Ruud de Wild Songbook

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Love for the book

Huis van het boek is the museum that celebrates the love for the book. Who doesn't like books? This oldest book museum in the world offers the visitor the chance to see medieval manuscripts with hand-painted miniatures on parchment. Centuries-old printed books in beautiful leather bindings and special modern books made by artists. Books don't always have to be pretty. The content is also important. That is why the museum also creates exhibitions about the role of books in major social changes and how they have influenced us. Are you curious about the makers of books? Take a workshop and learn about letters, paper, illustrations and bindings. All this can be seen and done in the house where collector Baron Willem Hendrik van Westreenen van Tiellandt lived in the 19th century, surrounded by his precious books.

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Current | Groeten uit de Orient

Current | Groeten uit de Orient

What did people from Europe see when they travelled to the Middle East and North Africa? The area that used to be called The Orient? For hundreds of years, those people have been writing books. In later years they also take photographs of what they see. With that, they sketch a picture of an unknown world. Books, film posters, picture postcards, and photographs in this exhibition show you where the Western perspective on the East comes from.

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Verwacht | BoekenZOO

Verwacht | BoekenZOO

Huis van het boek presenteert van 18 juni t/m 18 september 2022 de familietentoonstelling ‘BoekenZOO’. In de tot dierentuin omgevormde tentoonstellingsruimtes lopen bezoekers langs verschillende dieren. Ze gaan zelf op safari en geven tot slot hun eigen dier een plek in de laatste zaal. Voor deze tentoonstelling put het museum uit zijn rijke collectie geïllustreerde boeken, van middeleeuwse bestiaria tot moderne kunstenaarsboeken .

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